ic.ac.uk fetchmailrc Settings


Imperial College are currently implementing changes so that you need to access either POP3 or IMAP with SSL enabled, I figured since they didn’t list Fetchmail in their new site, then I’d post my configuration (.fetchmailrc) here in case anyone else uses it: poll icex.imperial.ac.uk proto pop3 user “USERNAME” password “PASSWORD” is “LOCALADDRESS” here ssl sslfingerprint “7D:E8:74:1F:E8:B1:E6:15:A6:0C:02:2B:BA:89:BE:4D” Enjoy.

RFID Presentation

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For anyone interested, the slides for my RFID presentation are here.

RFID Basics!

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So, at the moment, I’m writing a presentation about the operation and the security implications of RFID. During the course of the random searches around the internet, I’ve found that there’s a lot of really, really cool work going with respect to RFID. Even more great than the output on the subject is who is studying it. Lots of really cool observations are coming out of the open source friendly community - some of the best presentations on the subject are from presentations at CCC.

Linking against GSL With Xcode


Further to the previous comment, you can also link against GSL from within an Xcode project: Create an Xcode “C++ Tool” project from the command line projects options. Within the project Ctrl+Click on the project name, and select “Get Info” Use the Spotlight-esque search at the top of this window to search for Compiler, and select the “Other C++ Flags” text box. Into the box enter -I/opt/local/include -L/opt/local/lib -lgsl leave the $(OTHER_CFLAGS) existing input there.

Linking against GSL on OS X 10.5 Leopard

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Since I’m taking the Computational Physics module in my third year at IC, we’re using some libraries like GSL to provide “better-than-default” random number generators and such like. It turns out that those of us using a Mac don’t get GSL installed by default with Xcode, or under OS X - and unlike Windows and Linux - there’s no instructions on the course site. Here’s a really quick way to ensure that you can link against it: