Moving to Google Cloud Run


Last night I moved this site from a VM in the UK to a static deployment in Google Cloud Run. It’s a neat service that can take a pre-packaged container and route HTTP and gRPC requests to that container. The concept of having immutable versions of infrastructure deployed, such that it’s clear what the deltas between versions were, and rollback is clearly nothing new, but it’s really nice that it’s quite so easy to deploy things on GCP this way now.

Migration of Site to Hugo!


Welcome to a new, apologies for the outage. I needed to migrate the site to something that was lower maintenance. I’m working on migrating the old content to this new site, but it may take a little time to do so. Please let me know if there are specific articles from the old site that you’d like me to prioritise! The site now uses hugo rather than django. This means that I can avoid running a bunch of backend infrastructure.