A Sad Day


At lunchtime today I was told via IRC/e-mail that Chris Orme, of Datahop passed away after a flight back from a peering conference in Florida. I’ve worked with Chris in the past, and despite having some differences of opinion, found him to be a great guy to work with. We had a disagreement about some contractual matters, and Chris was man enough to apologise to me in person at the LONAP 10th Birthday event. I was happy that we’d resolved our differences, and we exchanged contact details again. I was looking forward to working with him in the future.

This blog post doesn’t really have much relevance to anyone else, other than to say that my thoughts are with Chris’ family, and his girlfriend, Nat. I’m hoping that someone can suggest a cause that Chris cared about, so that donations can be made in his memory.

Rest in peace, Chris.