Lecture at Ecole Polytechnique: Taking Network Management into the 21st Century

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Mark Townsley and Jean-Louis Rougier again invited me to come and lecture at École Polytechnique this year. Their course there focuses on analysing the success of network protocols - using the (fantastic) framework laid out in RFC5218. Given that I’d spoken about SR for the last couple of years in my lecture there, and was giving a (slightly) updated version of the SR lecture at Telecom ParisTech for JLR’s ‘Future Internet’ course earlier in the week, I decided to shift the focus of my lecture at X this year to the management plane. Particularly, looking at some of the issues with SNMP, and how these have pushed adoption of alternative management approaches, and what this has fundamentally meant for the way that we build network management today. I then shifted to explaining what we are doing in OpenConfig, and how we might address some of those issues - again, using the framework in 5218.

I wanted to post the slides here – to share them both with Mark and JLR’s class, but also the wider community. Questions, comments and other correspondance relating to this is very welcome via e-mail.

(PDF slide deck)