Silence isn't OK: Black Lives Matter


I haven’t ever used this site to post anything about my political beliefs. I’m compelled to right now, because of what is happening in my adopted home country.

In a time where a great leveller has impacted everyone’s life, where circumstances beyond our control have impacted an aspect of everyone’s plans - we couldn’t use this time to unite and have compassion for all humans. The outrage at events in Minneapolis has spread across the US - and rightly so. In doing so, it has brought a major issue in our society to the fore. We shouldn’t need reminding that people should not be treated differently based on the colour of their skin, but it is something that our society has quietly chosen to sweep under the carpet, and ignore. It shouldn’t need to be explicitly stated, but it is essential that we say it out loud, and repeat it: Black Lives Matter.

Why am I posting this? Here are a few of the things that I believe, that I want to explicitly state - as food for thought. I do not claim that these are novel ideas - they’re not. I don’t claim they are ideas that everyone will agree with. I just ask that you spend a little time thinking about them.

This is a hard time. Everyone’s mental health is being challenged by changes that they have been forced into making. Let’s try and look out for one another - and use this opportunity to pull together and make meaningful change where we need it most.