1st Shoreditch Invitational Bike Polo

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A week or so ago, I spent a very enjoyable day watching some great bike polo - again with my camera. Enjoy the photos!. I also managed to knock my Rollapaluza quick-rollers PB down to 22.16s :-D

Grass Track Racing

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A couple of Sundays ago I went up to watch the grass track racing in Hackey, arranged by Hackney CC - finally got a moment to upload the photos! Full gallery is here, selected others below!

IRO Mark V


Figured I hadn’t posted a new picture of my bike for a while!


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I went to go and do some roller racing earlier this week, at a pub called the Horseshoe in Clerkenwell. The Rollapaluza guys were being filmed, and running a free-for-all race. First time on the rollers, I managed 23.48s, which turned out (once a couple of people had disappeared) to be good enough to get me to the quarter finals. clefty from LondonFGSS took a few photos, so I figured I’d post them here: