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A while ago, I removed my instagram account. Since then I have been wanting to find a way to share a photography portfolio. I’ve been taking more photos over the last few years, currently using a Canon R5 mirrorless, mainly with the RF 28-70 f/2 lense, but sometimes with the 100-500mm (again, sometimes with the 2x multiplier), 16mm f/1.8 prime, and 50mm f/1.8 prime. I decided to use the rather excellent Expose to give a scroll-through experience rather than the usual “select a thumbnail”.

Radio silence


For more regular updates, you can generally find me on instagram, or Héloïse on instagram. Héloïse on Mt. Tam at Sunrise - October 2021 Edit [2022-09-17]: Since April 2022, I no longer have a personal Instagram account. I make some posts on twitter.