More Di2 Stuff

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Following getting my roadbike back out for the first time in a while (been really busy since moving to Ealing!) I figured I’d look at if there’s anything more about Di2 floating around. It seems the more I see of this system, the more I want it. Perhaps Orca with Di2 is something for 2009? I’ve also started tracking my rides (mostly fixed, mostly to and from work at the moment) on this site, if there’s any interest, I was pondering publishing the code/a webapp to upload other people’s rides.

Site Updates


Not that I am expecting a large number of people to have anything to say about what I post on this site - but I just added a comments system using the Django FreeComment system. The contrib comments module seems to have a load of features - and did just about everything I was hoping of it! There’s an excellent tutorial on the Django wiki. Feel free to tell me I’m posting rubbish at any time :-)

New Look


As it turns out - it’s pretty easy to code up a very basic blog application and integrate it with your existing flat-file site in Django. In fact, it fits very nicely into the 20 minute gap that you’re taking to try and make sure that you can sleep! There’s also some semblance of a design here now.