32-bit AS numbers introduce a new BGP flaw.

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Last Friday, Andy Davidson, Jonathan Oddy, and I pushed out some research that has some quite worrying repercussions. Whilst I’ve heard from a lot of people privately about this matter, there’s a big flaw here, and as Andy posted on his blog (which is much more informative than mine, I think!), this is a big problem. The reason, I think, that we’re getting limited public discussion of this exploit (I hesitate to call it an exploit, it’s a flaw really, because it’s actually a result of the RFC that the problem exists), is because the implementations of 4-byte AS support that are out there already are generally not standards compliant.

Building the RIPEDB server

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It took me a few hours over the course of this week to build the RIPE whois server for some internal projects – given that there seems to be a very limited amount of documentation for the build process, and threads on mailing lists, I’m going to post this here. I hope that it gets picked up by Google. The first problem that is encountered is that the libtool that is included with the whois server does not support ‘modern’ tags, such as –tag=CC.

IPv6 - It *Doesn't* Just Work.

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I was reading an entry posted by Brett Carr on Nominet’s techblog today entitled “ipv6 It just works”. Unfortunately, for IPv6, and for the sentiment behind this message (IPv6 can be run pretty easily!), in my experience, IPv6 - it doesn’t just work! It’s easy to dismiss the previous sentence, given that many networks aren’t designed to run IPv6, and there’s kit out there that’s just not IPv6-capable yet. When building the AS29636 network, we specified that IPv6-capability was one of the things that would be a requirement of the kit that was going into the new network, not just something that we’d like to have.

A Sad Day


At lunchtime today I was told via IRC/e-mail that Chris Orme, of Datahop passed away after a flight back from a peering conference in Florida. I’ve worked with Chris in the past, and despite having some differences of opinion, found him to be a great guy to work with. We had a disagreement about some contractual matters, and Chris was man enough to apologise to me in person at the LONAP 10th Birthday event.