NANOG 51 Presentation

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The video from the presentation I gave a NANOG, LINX and UKNOF has now been posted. You can find the video at the following URL - NANOG 51: BGP Error Handling or by clicking on the image below. The full slide deck is also on this site - here.

LINX 65 Presentation

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Further to my previous post - I presented this issue at LINX65 - video and slides can be found below. Video Fixed Slides - LINX’s PowerPoint install seems to have corrupted my slides on the day. Comments and feedback are most welcome.

A Sad Day


At lunchtime today I was told via IRC/e-mail that Chris Orme, of Datahop passed away after a flight back from a peering conference in Florida. I’ve worked with Chris in the past, and despite having some differences of opinion, found him to be a great guy to work with. We had a disagreement about some contractual matters, and Chris was man enough to apologise to me in person at the LONAP 10th Birthday event.