Michelin Stars for Celiacs: Angler, San Francisco: Not recommended

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As some folks might be aware, I became allergic to gluten and dairy through the spring of 2019, and have been avoiding them in my diet since. Becca and I have not lost our passion for eating great foods, and visiting some of the fantastic restaurants in the cities we visit (although, in 2020, this has meant a lot of places in the Bay Area). One of the things that we’ve struggled a bit with is finding out how well some of the Michelin star establishments handle the gluten-free, dairy-free diet.

Bread Recipes


I’ve been experimenting with home-baked bread of late, and have been trying some recipes that haven’t worked out so well. So, now I’ve found a good recipe, I figured I’d put it somewhere that I can find it. Simple Wholemeal Loaf 500g wholemeal bread flour 7g sachet dried yeast 1.5 tsp salt 175 ml tepid milk 175 ml tepid water Mix together the flour, yeast and salt, and add the milk and water.