Silence isn't OK: Black Lives Matter


I haven’t ever used this site to post anything about my political beliefs. I’m compelled to right now, because of what is happening in my adopted home country. In a time where a great leveller has impacted everyone’s life, where circumstances beyond our control have impacted an aspect of everyone’s plans - we couldn’t use this time to unite and have compassion for all humans. The outrage at events in Minneapolis has spread across the US - and rightly so.



Inspired by Becca on the swing at Bernal Heights. October 2018, spray paint on layered card.



The concept of having no central entity control currency seems attractive to a lot of people. However, trust in some decentralised entity means trusting the way that they operate their business - how they’re able to audit their code, and write bug-free software. The only thing I know about software is that it isn’t ever bug-free. To reduce MTBF, you implement things multiple times, in disjoint environments. That said, the latest hack on a cryptocurrency/smart wallet I saw, made me wonder about their testing.